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A Guide to Feeding Garden Birds – Top 5 Tips

We are promised a cold snap so don’t forget to help our the birds by putting out some food in your garden.  It is really not difficult and there is not greater joy than taking a few minutes to watch birds with a nice cup of tea.  

1. Small birds love peanuts in a wire hanger. That way they can pick out little bits.  We get lots of different types of tits and nut hatches on our wire feeders. Fat Balls are also favorite and attract lots of small birds

2.  Try and  protect your feeder from squirrels.  We live near a wood and squirrels are a devil for pinching peanuts. Try and make sure that feeders are securely fastened  - we wire the top and bottom together to deter Mr Squirrel.

3.  Try putting some breadcrumbs or mealworm on a bird table.  This is where we see lots of robins

4.  Don’t feed the birds where your cat can get to them.  A cat is not a bird’s best friend!!

5.  Get invovled and register for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on 26/27 January.  Be part of the worlds largest wildlife survey http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/?gclid=COHr8PPM6rQCFSHHtAodCGIArQ

Beth Rogers

Generation Pets