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Booda Cleanstep Hooded Cat Litter Tray On Sale

17 February 2016

Looking for a great new hooded cat litter tray. We are delighted to announce the return of the Booda Cleanstep Hooded Cat Litter Tray.

This best selling booda cleanstep hooded cat litter tray is in stock and available for immediate …

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Cheap Elevated Raised Dog Bed On Sale

31 January 2016

Our elevated raised dog bed by Henry Wag is now on sale. We have limited stock of the Henry Wag Extra Large raised dog bed.  

Why would you chose an elevated bed for your dog?

A raised dog bed has …

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Runs, Pens and Kennels For Dogs

21 May 2015

Looking for a great run, pen or kennel for your dog?  Look no further than our great range of indoor and outdoor runs, pens and kennels for your dog.

Our outdoor runs are manufactured by Petsafe and are great  Chain

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Best New Cat Toys Whack a Mouse

11 November 2014

If you are looking for the best new cat toy this Christmas then look no further than the Whack a Mouse by Hugs Pet Products.

Runner up in the PATS Harrogate best new product for Cats, the Whack a Mouse …

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Visit the Pet Show 2014 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire 2 and 3 August

31 July 2014

We are getting ready to go to the Pet Show 2014 at Stoneleigh Park this weekend 2 and 3 August. It promises to be a great family weekend. Loads to do and see. Animals of all shapes and sizes. We …

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Taking your Dog Camping this Summer – Checklist and Guide to Doggie Glamping

23 May 2014


Are you thinking about taking your dog camping this summer?  With lots of campsites welcoming dogs, camping is the perfect holiday for you and your dog.  It is fun, inexpensive and is a great opportunity for you all to enjoy …

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Interactive Cat Toys

28 April 2014

Here at Generation Pets we are cat lovers. We have two cats, a tabby girl called Scratchy and her big ginger son, Herbert.  Although they love to place outside in the woods in the fine weather, come the evening they …

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Large Automatic Cat Water Fountain Freshflow back in stock

24 April 2014

We are delighted to say that the large automatice cat water fountain  - the freshflow by Petmate is back in stock.  This water fountain is perfect for cats who love the challenge and taste of fresh clean running water. Simply …

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Elevated Raised Dog Bed

9 April 2014

Spring is certainly in the air and maybe it is time for a spring clean.  Here at Generation Pets we have a great selection of elevated raised dog beds to suit all breeds and budgets.  There are so many benefits …

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World Book Day

6 March 2014

It’s world book day today. I love books and am thrilled that we have decided to set aside a day to celebrate it.  What I am less thrilled about is the “obsession” that our primary school has with associating any …

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Hugs Dog Toys Coming Soon

3 March 2014

We are really excited to be stocking the fantastic Hugs Dog Toys. They are a bestseller in the US.  We will be getting three ranges, Arctic Freeze, Hydro and Jaws.  They are all fantastic and we have not seen anything …

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The Easy Reach Diner – Raised Dog Bowls

27 January 2014

If you have a large breed or tall dog then you probably be aware of the problems that are sometimes caused by your dog having to stoop to eat and drink from ordinary bowls that sit on the floor.  Stooping …

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Indigo Igloo Plastic Dog Kennel – On Sale for Limited Time Only

17 January 2014

Keep your faithful friend warm and dry in this dreadful rainy cold weather.  The Indigo Igloo Dog Kennel is our best selling kennel.  The great design keep the cold and wet out (especially if you buy the addtional door) and …

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18 December 2013

We have today taken delivery of the NEW UGODOG. This is an updated version of the brilliant and very popular Ugodog indoor dog potty.  The ugodog is a great way to house train your puppy.  It is also fantasic for …

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Are you ready for Christmas?

This is Bailey. He is our office dog. He is ready for Christmas.  I am not. Are you?


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Fat Cat Classic EEEK – the Kitty’s choice this Christmas

4 December 2013

Classic Eeeks by Fat Cat are flying off the shelf – don’t miss out. ORDER NOW to avoid kitty disappointment


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MERLOT the smooth fox terrier likes………The Weekend

8 November 2013

Merlot is gearing up for the weekend. It may be wet and windy here in South Wales but with the fire lit and a comfy blanket to lie on Merlot will enjoy the time with his family


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We are having a clear out to make way for new stock and are able to offer the last few of our fabulous Petmate branded dog beds at terrific discounts.  Some dog beds are less than half price with FREE …

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Flushpuppies Water Soluble Flushable Dog Poo Bags IN STOCK – FREE DELIVERY

7 November 2013

We are thrilled to have taken delivery of our first stock of NEW Flushpuppies. These are great dog poo bags that are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol which degrades in WATER and which you can flush down the loo.  So no …

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Petmate Two 2 Door Top Loading Carrier for Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits

6 November 2013

We are delighted to have in stock the 2 door top loading pet carrier for cats and dogs manufactured by US Pet Giant Petmate.

It is available in two sizes 19 “/50cm ( Suitable for cats or small dogs up …

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Merlot Likes…..coming to work with me

30 October 2013

Merlot the smooth fox terrier always jumps into the footwell of the car and sits nicely when I get in the car to go to work. He is very naughty and always gets put in the his Maelson Soft Kennel …

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Merlot Likes……..Jumping in Muddy Puddles

23 October 2013

23 October 2013

Today Merlot it jumping in Muddy Puddles.  …

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Merlot Likes……sitting in the car seat

22 October 2013

Merlot the fox terrier likes to sit in the car seat – hurrah for bubble bums



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Merlot Likes…..Sitting in a Box

19 October 2013

19 Ocotber 2013


Today Merlot is sitting in a box.  Which is a shame as he has a lovely Henry Wag Bed by the Aga.…

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How to clean a Petmate Freshflow Fountain

18 October 2013

Customers sometimes contact me to say that the pump on thier petmate Freshflow Fountain is making a noise or has stopped working.  This usually means that the pump needs to be cleaned.  With regular use the pump can become clogged …

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Merlot Likes………..Sleeping on the Sofa

18 October 2013


Today Merlot is sleeping on the sofa.  


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Diary of Merlot the Smooth Fox Terrier

17 October 2013

17 October 2013


Merlot likes walking in Bargain’s Wood, Llandogo


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How do I get my Cat in a Cat Carrier?

4 October 2013

Persuading your cat to get into a cat carrier and transporting them comfortably to the vet or indeed anywhere is an age old problem.  We have always thought that a carrier with a top door or a 2 door carrier …

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NEW SIZE Soft Kennel Fabric Carrier by Maelson

3 October 2013

If you need a sturdy durable and great looking portable kennel or car crate for your pet then look no further than the Soft Kennel by Maelson. Yes it is more expensive than many fabric crates that you see on …

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Advice on Travelling with Cats

27 September 2013

I have just read this article on Travel Safety for Cats in the magazine Your Cat. It has really good tips on the size of pet carrier.  I thought it was worth sharing.

Here at Generation Pets we have some …

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Cat Carriers for Large Cats

26 September 2013

Our customers tell us that they find it difficult to find a cat carrier suitable for larger cats.  The cat carriers that can get in most pet shops are sometimes a little on the small side and can be a …

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A pet carrier that you can see in and your pet can see out

25 September 2013

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have a pet carrier that you can see your pet in and your pet can see out of?

We have just found this great look and see pet carrier from Petmate.  …

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Try New Dog Poo Bags you can flush down the Toilet

24 September 2013

Well these new Flush Puppies compostable dog poo bags really have got me thinking.  Made from PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) these dog poo bags feel strong but do not contain any plastic.  They break down in water and this means …

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18 September 2013

Back in stock and ready to send out, our fabulous 6 sided galvanised puppy pen with nylon fabric base and door. 

Features include:

  • 6 Separate panels made from strong galvanised wire
  • Strong metal joining bars fix the structure
  • 1 panel

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Remove Pet Hair Fast from Clothes, Cars and Furniture

10 September 2013

CHECK OUT the the new pet hair collector from Furbuster.  This great tool loosens embedded pet hair from clothes and furniture making your home and your car fur free in seconds.  It is easy to clean.  The fur collects in …

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Maelson Soft Bed BACK IN STOCK

23 August 2013

We have just had a delivery from the fabulous MAELSON.  We are now fully in stock of all Maelson products.  In particular we now have the Maeslon Soft Bed 56.  This is the smallest raised elevated dog bed by  Maelson …

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Raised Elevated Dog Bowls

7 August 2013

Perfect if your dog has to stoop to eat its food or drink water, a raised or elevated dog bowl can help with digestion and make your dog more comfortable when he eats and drinks.

We have two great raised

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Travel Solutions for Cats

15 July 2013

If you are heading off this summer and want to take your cat, or even if you just need a safe and secure carrier to get your cat to the vet or cattery then here at Generation Pets we have …

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Top 5 Large Dog Beds for Big Dogs

25 April 2013

Here are Generation Pets we are always interested to hear the views of our fellow pet owners.  Recently we have heard how difficult it is to get great quality beds for large dogs.  So we have looked around and come …

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Looney Loops – Your Cat will love you for them

14 March 2013

Back in Stock – Looney Loops from Petmate. The most fabulous toy for playful cats.  Try them – Only £2.99 and FREE DELIVERY at the moment.



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Furbuster Dog Grooming Kit is here..

The new range of dog grooming kit from Furbuster by Petmate is practical , durable and hard wearing and will ensure the safe and accurate pedicure and grooming of your dog.  We love the colour – a comtemporary vibrant plum!!  …

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Is your Dog overweight?

Is your dog overweight. Merlot our fox terrier is getting that way.  He is 10 now and has congestive heart failure so not as fit as he used to be. So we have been trying the portion right feeder and  …

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Doggy Diet Tips

13 March 2013

Merlot our fox terrier has put on weight.  A combination of not being as young as he used to be (now 10 years old), winter and a heart condition. So what do we do??? Here at Generation Pets we would …

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Vari Kennel Free Delivery

12 March 2013

Vari Kennels are back in stock and we are offering free delivery on all orders placed by Sunday 17 March 2013.


The original and the best IATA approved dog airline travel crate.  To find out how to measure your …

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Free NEXT WORKING DAY Delivery – Maelson Soft Bed Raised Dog Bed

5 February 2013

The Maelson elevated soft bed really is the market leader in raised dog beds.  German design and engineering means that this is a tough yet stylish dog bed.

The  heavy-duty powder coated steel frame is easy to put together and …

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Free Delivery on all Cat Toys

Free Shipping on all Cat Toys during February.  We have a great range of cat toys that will delight your cat and keep them entertained for hours. Check out our complete range of Fat Cat cat toys – great quality …

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A Guide to Feeding Garden Birds – Top 5 Tips

15 January 2013

We are promised a cold snap so don’t forget to help our the birds by putting out some food in your garden.  It is really not difficult and there is not greater joy than taking a few minutes to watch …

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A guide to Feeding the Birds

We are promised a cold snap so don’t forget to help our the birds by putting out some food in your garden.  It is really not difficult and there is not greater joy than taking a few minutes to watch …

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Dog Bed – What is the best dog bed for your Dog?

14 January 2013

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to dog beds.  Indeed I am always staggered at just how many there are on the market.  The fact is that dog beds vary greatly in price and quality and it …

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pets

2 January 2013

Happy New Year from Generation Pets.  What are your new year’s resolutions for your lovely pets this year?

Here at Generation Pets we are determined to get up half an hour earlier to take Merlot our Fox Terrier for his …

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17 December 2012

Petmate have decided to discontinue the cleanstep in Iris and replace it with Brushed Nickel.  This is such a shame as Iris is a real favorite with our customers.  However, the goods new is that whilst tidying up the warehouse …

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Top 10 Christmas presents for cats

27 November 2012

Has your cat been naughty or nice this year???  

I suspect that even the most mischievous of  cats deserve a little treat on Christmas day so to make life that little bit easier I have come up with our tried …

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Eco Friendly Things for your Pet – Do they stay the distance??

13 November 2012

Are you an exceptionally eco friendly pet owner? I like to think I am.  Merlot our smooth  fox terrier and I use biodegradable poo bags, organic food and love the great out doors. But when it comes to other things …

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Fat Cat – Toys for your Cat that will make you laugh

6 November 2012

I have just come across a fabulous range of cat toys from the States.  Fat Cat really have come up with some new and innovative toys that make most cat toys look old and boring.  Not only are they bright …

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Cat Water Fountain

9 October 2012


We all know how important it is to ensure that your cat has easy access to clean water.  A bowl of tap water is just perfect but sometimes it can get a bit messy with bits of food particles. …

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Out with the old and in with the new

12 September 2012

We are making space in the warehouse for lots of lovely new products including elevated beds to keep your lovely dogs out of the draft and support their backs.  As a result we have put some of our existing lines …

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Winner of CAT NIP

3 September 2012

Congratulations to 

Mary Gibson

Charlotte Burgess and 

Kathleen Stevenson


You are the lucky winners of our Zoom around the room Cat Nip.

Please send your address to beth@generationpets.co.uk and we will send you your prize!!…

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24 August 2012

The lucky winners of our beautiful heart bowls are…………

Julie Burton 

Lucille Hunt

Please contact us on beth@generationpets.co.uk with your address and we’ll send your bowl out to you.

Hope your pet loves it as much as we do!!!!!


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Merlot the smooth fox terrier

22 August 2012

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to Merlot our smooth fox terrier. He’s ten but still a real character even though he has a slightly dodgy heart.

Most days he sits with me in the office, under …

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How to measure your dog for an airline crate.

26 July 2012

If your dog is taking a trip by air this summer then it is vital that they travel in a crate that is approved by IATA and the airline that they are flying with. The Vari Kennel by Petmate meets …

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The Doggie Ice Lolly

25 July 2012

Yes, summer has arrived in the South West at least!  Merlot our fox terrier loves the sunshine and will happily bask in the garden all day long.  However, it is obviously very important that dogs have access to plenty of …

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Why Generation Pets?

19 July 2012

Let me introduce myself. I’m Beth and I live in the Wye Valley with my husband, three daughters and our dog, Merlot. We also have three cats but it would be misleading to say that they lived with us.  They …

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