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Cat Carriers for Large Cats

Our customers tell us that they find it difficult to find a cat carrier suitable for larger cats.  The cat carriers that can get in most pet shops are sometimes a little on the small side and can be a bit flimsy which makes a journey to the vet or even a holiday in the car or plane stressful and sometimes impossible.

So if you have a large cat we have found three great cat carriers that might just be suitable for you.

Varikennel Traditional for Small Animals


Vari Kennel especially for small animals

ari Kennel especially for small animals

The vari kennel is probably the best known brand of airline crate in the UK.  It is is IATA approved so can be used on most airlines and has a secure front door latch and carrying handle.  Available in many sizes but for cats we think that the 23. x 15.2 x 11.8inches or 58.4 x 38.6 x 30cm (L x W x H) is a good starting point and is suitable for cats up to 15lbs.  For a smaller cat try the 19″ which suits cats up to 10lbs.  A really high quality carrier that will last for years


The Two Door Top Loader Cat Carrier

This is a fantastic carrier for cats because it has  doors, one at the top and one on the front.  Both have a sercurely latched steel front. The top loader door makes access much easier as you can simply lift your cat in and out and don’t have to struggle and force a reluctant cat through the front door. It comes in two sizes

19.4 x 12.8 x 10 inches which is suitable for cats up to 10 lbs and 

24 x 16.8 x 14 ” which is suitable for cats between 15-20lbs.

A convenient and attractive cat carrier.


The Look and See Mesh Top Cat Carrier


The look and see wire mesh cat carrier

The look and see wire mesh cat carrier


Another brilliant innovation.  This cat carrier combines the visability and ventilation of a wire carrier with the comfort and security of a plastic crate.  The base is traditional plastic however the top is made from wire so it has a more open design allowing your cat to see out and you to see in and make sure your pet is happy and content.

The look and see cat carrier measures 9.25 (l)x 12.5  (w) x 10.5 (h)  inches or 49  (l)x 32 (w)x 27cm (h) and is suitable for cats up to 10lbs or 5kg. 

Not as big as the other options but perfect for more nervous cats who like to see where they are going.

See our other fabulous cat carriers at www.generationpets.co.uk