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Cat Water Fountain


We all know how important it is to ensure that your cat has easy access to clean water.  A bowl of tap water is just perfect but sometimes it can get a bit messy with bits of food particles. In addition we know that cats are drawn to flowing water. How many times has your cat tried to catch water from the tap.

For these reasons and especially if  you suspect your cat has any urinary problems a cat water fountain might just be a great alternative to the traditional water bowl.  There are many on the market but we think that the fresh flow fountain by Pet Mate is one of the very best. It cleans and circulates the water but it does not make a noise . Rather than the water dropping from a spout as with other fountains it gently channels down into the bowl so your cat can enjoy flowing water but is not put off by the noise.   

The fresh flow fountain provides a   continuous supply of fresh running water.  Simply plug it in, fill it with tap water and the water will be circulated through a carbon filter which removes food and other debris, reduces odour and improves taste. The pet fountain is proven to help cats with urinary tract disorder so it has health benefits too.


Fresh Flow Water Fountain by Petmate

The pump is easy to clean and maintain and replacement filters and pumps are available to purchase separately.

We think it is great and would be really interested to hear your views too.