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Cheap Elevated Raised Dog Bed On Sale

Our elevated raised dog bed by Henry Wag is now on sale. We have limited stock of the Henry Wag Extra Large raised dog bed.  

Why would you chose an elevated bed for your dog?

A raised dog bed has many great benefits for your and your dog.  

First, because it is off the ground it ensures that you dog is out of drafts and off the cold floor.

Second it stops that annoying condensation that you sometimes get with a plush cushion bed. This dampness is caused by the warmth of your dogs body meeting the cold floor. It causes condensation which leads to the damp fusty effect – not great.  

Third, our raised dog bed by Henry Wag has a firm board base which ensures that your dogs hips and back are properly supported when lying down.  This is where the Henry Wag elevated bed differs from the dog hammock which can sag and not offer the support your dog needs.  Not only is the firm sturdy base on the raised dog bed great for your dog’s sleeping posture it is also sometimes recommended by vets to help your dog when recovering from surgery or operations.

Finally the Henry Wag elevated dog bed is easy to wash down so it is easy to keep clean and fresh,  And, for added comfort and security you can also but your dogs soft bed or blanket into the raised dog bed so that they are nice and snuggly!

So why not buy now to save pounds? What are you waiting for? Stock is strictly limited. Click here to buy now

Elevated Dog Bed ON SALE NOW

Elevated Dog Bed ON SALE NOW