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Dog Bed – What is the best dog bed for your Dog?

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to dog beds.  Indeed I am always staggered at just how many there are on the market.  The fact is that dog beds vary greatly in price and quality and it is sometimes difficult to know which dog bed is the most suitable for you and your dog.  

Here are my top tips when it comes choosing a dog bed.

1.  It is very likely that a puppy will chew it’s bed.  Therefore as tempting as it may be there is little point buying an expensive bed for your new arrival.  I suggest a basic plastic ventilated bed with a nice warm blanket or vet bed for your puppy to snuggle up to.  That way any naughty nibbling will not result in a stuffing explosion.  The Perla Bed is a good example of a non splintering plastic bed with ventilation holes to avoid condensation.

2.  When your puppy is out of the chewing phase then it is worth investing in a good dog bed that will last.  Pillow beds, cushions and duvets are very popular.  They vary greatly in price and design and are a  lovely comfortable choice.  We love these contemporary designs from Pet Mate which will look great in your home.  A removable washable cover is a great idea to keep your bed looking great and flea free!!  

Natural and Contemporary Large Pillow Dog Bed

3.  A pillow bed or cushion laid directly on a cold floor (e.g kitchen tiles) can result if condesation where the heat from your dog condenses on the cold floor.  This can sometimes result in a damp bed. In these instances a moisture resistant bed might be the solution.  We love the Ruff Maxx by Pet Mate which is hardwearing and durable.

Moisture Resistant Dog Bed

4.   Another great idea to keep your dog off cold floors and out the the draught is a raised bed or elevated bed.  We love the soft bed by German pet product manufacturer Maelson.  Despite it’s name the Maelson Soft Bed is very robust with a padded rigid base which will ensure that your dog has the correct spinal support whilst he sleeps along with a strong steel frame which is easily assembled.  We particualrly like the fact that the Maelson raised bed has replacement covers which means that your dog can enjoy it’s bed for many happy years.

Elevated Raised Dog Bed by Maelson

5.  Dogs that love the outdoors also come with muddy wet paws.  These fun loving animals may prefer a waterproof mat like this one by Country Pet.  This mat has a durable and tough cover that is waterproof and can be cleaned by wiping or hosing down.  It is even suitable for outdoor use.


Finally make sure that whatever bed you choose it is kept clean and fresh.  Not only will this stop any  nasty doggie smells in your home but more importantly it will ensure that you do not create a comfortable home for fleas and mites.

Beth Rogers

Generation Pets www.generationpets.co.uk