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Eco Friendly Things for your Pet – Do they stay the distance??

Are you an exceptionally eco friendly pet owner? I like to think I am.  Merlot our smooth  fox terrier and I use biodegradable poo bags, organic food and love the great out doors. But when it comes to other things for my pets I was a little skeptical of the  eco things on the market.  I was worried that a bowl made of risk husks and bamboo might not stand up to the rigours of  slobbery dog dribble and may turn to mush in the dishwasher.

But I needn’t have worried.  At Crufts in March 2012 I bought Merlot a lovely green Becobowl.  It looks and feels like it is made of plastic. But is isn’t. It is composite of risk husks and bamboo. All sustainable stuff.  Great I thought, lets give it a go.

Merlot’s new Becobowl

8 months down the line it is as good as new. Used every day for Merlot’s kibbles and regularly put through the dishwasher it shows no signs of wear and tear.  It really is great.  So having passed that road test I am now turning my mind to the cats. How can we make them more eco friendly? Well luckily the clever people at Becothings have just brought out an eco cat dish. With a lower rim to keep whiskers out of the food, our cats Itchy,Scratch and Herbert are going to test this for me to see if it is as good as Merlot’s bowl.T

I have also bought them a cat litter tray which I think looks pretty stylish.  Cat wee and poo really will be the ultimate test for the eco bio composite. I’ll let you know how we get on.



Eco friendly cat litter tray, bowls and scoop