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Fat Cat – Toys for your Cat that will make you laugh

I have just come across a fabulous range of cat toys from the States.  Fat Cat really have come up with some new and innovative toys that make most cat toys look old and boring.  Not only are they bright and colourful with funky cartoon designs but they seem to be much more durable than other cat toys we have tried.  And our cats, Itchy, Scratchy and Herbert just can’t get enough of them

As well as fluffy feather heads , wriggly worms, Appeteasers and the like,  there are some great interactive toys which mean you can have fun playing with your cat.  I particularly like the cat fisher whipper snapper wand.  You attach a cat fisher lure to the wand (which are packed with organic cat nip which drives your kitty wild anyway) and then bounce it in front of your cat and watch him pounce with delight. It gets me everytime.

Catfisher Whipper Snapper Wand by Fat Cat

There are also some awesome cat scratching mats which Herbert my Ginger Tom loves to dig his claws into and pullllllll. He is happy and it saves my sofa!

Boogie Mat by Fat Cat

One of the craziest cat toys that Fat Cat have come up with is the Vroom around the Room kitty laser toy.  It is a great laugh I tell you!  Basically it is a cat shaped toy with a laser beam that comes out of it’s nose.  You wiggle to beam around and your cat will try and catch it.  Take a look at this video clip if your don’t believe me!!