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How to clean a Petmate Freshflow Fountain

Customers sometimes contact me to say that the pump on thier petmate Freshflow Fountain is making a noise or has stopped working.  This usually means that the pump needs to be cleaned.  With regular use the pump can become clogged with food debris or limescale, particularly in hard water areas.  Therefore to keep your petmate fresh flow water fountain in tip top condition and working for years you need to clean the pump regularly. Petmate recommends that you do this once a month.

Basically you need to

  • Turn off the unit and remove the pump
  • Remove the intake cover from the pump
  • Remove the second cover
  • Take out the impeller
  • Soak the pump in 2 parts vinegar to one part water for 2-3 hours
  • Reassemple the unit wet


This should have your pump back in working order in no time. Check out this video on Youtube if you want to see how to remove all the parts of the pump.