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Hugs Dog Toys Coming Soon

We are really excited to be stocking the fantastic Hugs Dog Toys. They are a bestseller in the US.  We will be getting three ranges, Arctic Freeze, Hydro and Jaws.  They are all fantastic and we have not seen anything similar on the market.  The Hydro range have a foam core which you fill with water which your dogs sucks out when chewing. You can also freeze them for lasting hydration.

The arctic range, as the name suggested are a durable toy which is filled with distilled water. You put the toy in the freezer and when frozen your dog can play with it and it cools them down at the same time. Good for teething puppies.

Finally there are Jaws which is a brilliant combination of teeth cleaner and treat.  this rubber toy helps to remove plaque through play and is really attractive to your dog as it has healthy rawhide chews on the outside. Irresitable.

We will let you know when they are in stock


Arctic-Snowflake-hr HydroBone-hr HydroRing-Dog OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA