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Merlot the smooth fox terrier

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to Merlot our smooth fox terrier. He’s ten but still a real character even though he has a slightly dodgy heart.

Most days he sits with me in the office, under the desk on his favorite blanket.

Smooth Fox Terriers are a vunerable native breed which is means there are fewer than 300 registrations a year. I think this is a real shame. Merlot has great spirit and personality but he does sometimes get into a bit of bother.  Like the time he took on a badger in the woods and came back with a  rather nasty gash on his head.  We also have to collect him from the pub or the village shop when he goes off to visit his friends!!

I would love to hear stories from other fox terrier mums and dads – there’s not many of us left!!