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Taking your Dog Camping this Summer – Checklist and Guide to Doggie Glamping


Are you thinking about taking your dog camping this summer?  With lots of campsites welcoming dogs, camping is the perfect holiday for you and your dog.  It is fun, inexpensive and is a great opportunity for you all to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, long walks and of course playing in the sea.

We have had many happy camping holidays in the Gower and West Wales with our Fox Terrier Merlot, and have put together our guide to camping with your dog.  We think that these are the must have accessories for a fun, safe and comfortable “glamping” trip for your and your dog.

No 1 – Travel Safe.

Make sure that your dog is properly secured in the car. We recommend a robust foldable car crate that will stop your dog roaming around in the car and provide him with a safe and comfortable ride.  There are many great crates on the market but we like the Maelson Soft Kennel which is a premium quality, robust and thoroughly good looking fabric crate complete with heavy duty zippers, waterproof nylon outer cover, light steel frame and seat belt straps. Available in 7 sizes and 3 colours. We also like the folding fabric crate by 3Petzzz which is a great value crate which will keep your dog safe and secure and the plastic Vari Kennel which is specifically designed with travel in mind and can even be used to transport your pet by Air.


3Petzzz Fabric Crate

Vari Kennel travel Crate

Vari Kennel travel Crate



No 2 – Bring a Bed

We suggest that you bring along a nice comfortable blanket.  This will keep your dog lovely and warm at night and won’t take up loads of room in the car.  It can also be spread out on the backseat to keep your car clean after fun on the beach and in the sea.  I have to say we have also used the dog blanket as an emergency picnic blanket.

We love this quilted 2 in 1 blanket by 3Petzz which his quilted on one side and soft and fleecy on the other. We also like the Maleson Cosy Roll which provides a cosy insulating layer for your dog.  The double layer filling has a high insulation factor that can withstand temperatures down to -10c – let’s hope you won’t need it.

The Maelson Cosy Roll Pet Blanket

The Maelson Cosy Roll Pet Blanket


The 3petzzz Quilted Blanket




No 3 – Keep Food Tidy and Fresh

There is nothing worse than half open bags of food, spilling out over the boot and attracting the flies.  Keep your kibbles super tidy in the Maelson Dry Box.  The 3.5 holds 3.5kg of dry food and has a handy carrying handle.  It is great for weekend janunts.  For longer trips there is a 7kg container.  Where space is a premium think about the Soft Feedo which is a collapsible travel solution and ideal for short breaks.

You also might like to throw in a collapsible travel bowl.  Made from durable, non porous silicone, it holds 3 cups of food or water and folds flat so you can slip it into you bag or your coat pocket.

Dry Box Pet Fod Container by Maelson

Dry Box Pet Food Container by Maelson

Soft Feedo Travel Bag

Soft Feedo Travel Bag



No 4  - Keep Cool


There is nothing worse and a hot, unhappy dog and sometimes shade can be hard to find when pitched in the middle of a field.  We think that the Chilly Mat is the perfect camping accessory for your dog.  The Chilly Gel Mat is lightweight, soft and puncture resistant and is filled with a clever gel that keeps your dog cool.  No need for any electricity, just lay out the mat and let your pet enjoy the fabulous cooling sensation.

We also like to pack a couple of cooling toys that are not only great fun but also hydrate your dog at the same time.  The Hydra Ball from Hugs Pet Products has an absorbent core which you soak in water and this is then released through specially designed holes when the dog chews or squeezes them.

The Arctic Freeze bone is also great in hot weather, this has a water filled core that can be frozen to provide your dog with icy chilled chewing sensation.  It also has a flexible spot where you can hide treats!


Chilly Mat – Gel Filled Cooling Mat


Hugs Hydro Ball

Arctic Freeze Bone by Hugs Pet Products

Arctic Freeze Bone by Hugs Pet Products



No 5  – Pick up the Poo

It goes without saying that you should pick up any doggie doo after your dog.  However we are amazed how many people don’t and this just spoils the beach or the countryside for others. We have also seen lots of people diligently picking up after their dog and then littering the countryside with neatly tied dog poo parcels.

So, help keep our beautiful countryside clean and safe and remember to take a supply of poo bags. We love the great compostable poo bags by Flush Puppies.  There are hydro degradable which means that they degrade in water. So you can flush them down the loo.  And if you do happen to leave them outside (not that we recommend this you understand), they will eventually break down and certainly much quicker than traditional biodegradable bags.

Flush puppies Flushable  dog waste bags

Flush puppies Flushable dog waste bags