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The Easy Reach Diner – Raised Dog Bowls

If you have a large breed or tall dog then you probably be aware of the problems that are sometimes caused by your dog having to stoop to eat and drink from ordinary bowls that sit on the floor.  Stooping can caused discomfort and digestion problems.

Well we have the answer.  The Easy Reach Diner by US Pet Giant Petmate is a practical elevated feeding station which is designed to look great in your home.  This raised dog food and water station comes in two sizes. The XL measures 28.3 in/71.9cm  (l) x 13.6 in/34.5cm  (w) x 14.5 in/ 36.8cm (h) and has two 25 cm stainless steel feeding bowls.  The Medium measures 19 in/48cm  (l) x 9.5 in/24cm  (w) x 8 in/ 20cm (h) and has two 16cm stainless steel feeding bowls.


Both of these elevated bowls will help to prevent stooping and look great in your home.  They are made from pearl tan and black plastic, are easy to pick up and clean and the stainless steel feeding and water bowls are dishwasher safe.


The XL costs £34.99 and the medium costs £24.99.  New in stock and on sale now. Click here for more details.

Raised Feeding Bowls 8" or 20 Cm http://www.generationpets.co.uk/shop/easy-reach-diner-raised-elevated-dog-feeding-bowls-for-tall-dogs/

Raised Feeding Bowls 8″ or 20 Cm

Elevated Dog Feeding Bowls 14.5" or 28cm http://www.generationpets.co.uk/shop/easy-reach-double-diner-raised-dog-bowl/

Elevated Dog Feeding Bowls 14.5″ or 28cm