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Top 10 Christmas presents for cats

Has your cat been naughty or nice this year???  

I suspect that even the most mischievous of  cats deserve a little treat on Christmas day so to make life that little bit easier I have come up with our tried and tested list of the top Christmas presents for your car.  All of these fantastic gifts have passed the fun test of our cats Itchy, Scratchy and Herbert.  Let me know what you think

10.  Loony Loops   

Loony Loops


 These spring-like toys are perfect for batting, biting, flipping, rolling, and chasing. Your cat will go loony for these. A great value stocking filler at £2.99





9.  Pretty Heart Shaped Bowl

Pink Heart Cat Dish


 Pink and heart shaped  this is a great little bowl. It is made from durable melamine so the colour won’t fade and you can pop it in the dishwasher. Available in size small and medium and only £2.99.





 8.  Kitty Kahuna Lounger

Kitty Kahuna Lounger by Fat Cat


 This Cat Lounger by Fat Cat is a comfy bed for your cat to snuggle up in and a cat scratcher for playtime.  Perfect for a nice quiet snooze after a big turkey dinner. 





 7. Boogie Mat for De Cat by Fat Cat

Boogie Mat Cat Scratcher mat


 How we love Fat Cat Toys at Generation Pets.  Fat Cat’s  Boogie Mat for de Cat® is sure to get those kitty toes a tappin’ and tail a snappin’! These dee-lux refillable catnip scratching mats have major Kitty Activation possibilities! And they save your sofa!  Only £10.99




6. Petmate Freshflow Water Fountain

Filtered Freshflowing water.  What more could a cat want?  From £19.99.


5.  Fluffy Feathers by Fat Cat

Herbert our ginger tom just can’t get enough of these Fat Cat Fluffy feathers.  He gets that satisfying mouthful o’ feathers they’ve been craving, without making a mad dash for the bird feeder. Fluffy Feathers cat toys have the plumage to make kitties flock!  Only £3.49 for two.  Contains cat nip.



4. Cat Scratch Wheel

3 toys in 1 – bargain.  Created especially for claw play and exercise there is a spinning hexagonal wheel  covered with indoor/outdoor style carpeting that will put your cat into a trance as she digs in, closes her eyes and puuullllllls!  There is also a  movable golden mouse that just begs to be swatted and chewed. As if that was not enough your cat can also sink her claws into the slab of fresh corrugate built into the base.  Heaven!!

3. Zoom around the Room Organic Cat Nip

Get that Christmas party started with this organic cat nip.  Can be used on your cat’s favorite toy or just give ‘em the nip.  A must for all crazy cats!

 2.  Booda Cleanstep hooded Cat Litter Tray

Bodda Cleanstep Cat Litter Tray in Pearl White


Finally  a cat litter box that enhances your home.  With its contemporary design and funky colour, the BOODA Cleanstep is designed for cleanliness as well as privacy and it looks great!





 #1  Classic Eeeks by Fat Cat

#1 Christmas Gift for your Cat – Classic Eeeks by Fat Cat


The best cat toy on the market at the moment in our opinion.  Simply but effective we think your cat will love it – perfect for Christmas cats!