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Try New Dog Poo Bags you can flush down the Toilet

Well these new Flush Puppies compostable dog poo bags really have got me thinking.  Made from PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) these dog poo bags feel strong but do not contain any plastic.  They break down in water and this means that you can flush them down the loo.  Yes, that’s right, you can put them in the toilet.

This means no more horrid smelly bins. I think this is the most hygenic way to dispose of dog poo. And they seem to work well. I put a flush puppie bag in a glass of water overnight and within half an hour it had started to break down.

If you don’t want to flush them down the toilet these bags are fully compostable and because the breakdown in water they bio-dedegrade so much quicker than the more common bio-degradable bags which are oxy-degradable and take years to fully disintergrate.

Why not give them a go?  The first 10 people to email us at customerservices@generationpets.co.uk with thier name and address will get a free sample pack.  All we ask is that you write us a  review letting us know what you think.

Flush puppies Flushable  dog waste bags

Flush puppies Flushable dog waste bags