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World Book Day

It’s world book day today. I love books and am thrilled that we have decided to set aside a day to celebrate it.  What I am less thrilled about is the “obsession” that our primary school has with associating any day of celebration with the need for children to dress up. This year, at a moment’s notice (well 3 days notice to be precise) I am supposed to fashion the following costumes to be worn at school tomorrow 

2 x animal from a story

1 x space theme (astronaught, planet, alien would be acceptable)


Now at the risk of sounding like a real bore – I have nothing against dressing up but it does cause me some problems.

First I am not one of these creative Mums that has a sewing machine, bag of ribbons and other haberdashery 

Second I am crap at facepaint.

Third, my life does not really allow time for making fancy dress costumes for 3 rather particular girls under 9.

So far (at 6.30pm) this has been my day

Get up, get children up, have a debate about tights, try and persuade 7 year old to give some thought to the 5 minute presentation she has to do at school – this did not go well. Make packed lunch as ran out of time yesterday. Drive girls to school as we are out of catchment and do not qualify for school bus. Take car to garage to get 4 new tyres as they were declared dangerous and unroadworthy by the other garage that was fixing the clutch yesterday.  Go into 5 charity shops on the high street to find hat for “puss in boots” (see above). Apparently charity shops have seasons now so all hats have been sent away and replaced with sandals.  Come home without hat for puss in boots and wonder what to do now.  Decide to call Grandma  - she is bound to have a hat and will love the fact that I don’t.  Sit at kitchen table to do work, I have a job – well sort of a job!

Bake two cakes which I will hopefully be able to cover in butter cream to make look like “Spike the Hedgehog”. This is needed for the birthday party for my 5 year old on Sunday. Spike is her soft toy – they do not make Spike Cakes in Tesco

Do some more work whilst I wait for the cake- our solicitor is on a course again so no progess there. Broadband is on a go slow so it takes rather longer than had anticipated to put new products on webiste. In fact, I only did two!

Pick girls up from school and take to Gymnastics – whilst sitting outside the gym in a room with no wi-fi and unable to do any work I wonder why and decide to get a cup of tea and a kit kat

Come home and make pasta with cheese sauce – a favorite. My 5 year old wants to help. Part of me  is really pleased that we have such a lovely enthusiastic daughter who is planning to open her own restaurant called “Jess Express”. The other part of me wishes that she was watching tree foo tom on CbbC so that I could make the tea in 10 mins instead of 30 and avoid the almost inevitable accident with hot pan and stool pushed against the oven.

So World Book Day  - a truely great and wonderful idea to help get our children reading. But really is there any need for dressing up? With only 12 hours to go, I still need to come up with a Space outfit and another animal from a book. Time for another cup of tea,